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silvervale face

The wolf-young lady of anime fame, Silvervale, is a Virtual YouTuber from America. It has gained popularity among the viewers for its unique character, which is based on the anime wolf young lady Daiya. However, the actual face of this virtual YouTuber has been concealed. To date, only her symbol and zodiac sign are known. Listed below are some other facts about Silvervale.

Silvervale’s Real Name

The real name of YouTuber Silvervale has not yet been revealed. She was born in 1997 on the 12th of August. She is about twenty-four years old and stands at 165 centimeters (5’5″) tall. Her avatar has long blonde hair and pink ears. She has not revealed her relationship status or family details. However, her fans are clamoring for the real name of Silvervale.

As a YouTuber, Silvervale prefers to be anonymous. However, he does occasionally collaborate with other Japanese and English YouTubers to create a series of videos. These collaborations are called VAmongEarth and are one of the YouTuber’s first international appearances. In the beginning, Silvervale operated on his own. But later, he joined VShojo, an American VTuber agency.

Her Zodiac Sign

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Her Appearance

As well as her video game role, Silvervale has gained notoriety for her bloodlust. Although shy, she often puts other people’s needs before her own, and has been described as a workaholic and perfectionist. Her avatar has organic ears and larger breasts. In addition to her videos, Silvervale has also branched out into music. She has an original song, Home, and a lofi album, Sakura Beats. Some of her stream clips are also available on YouTube and Spotify.

Fans of Silvervale are constantly asking about the actress’ appearance. The VTuber has never revealed her true face, and her identity as a virtual participant is a mystery. Although she claims to be a sakura spirit, her real name is unknown, as her video game avatar only shows an animated picture that displays on all of her social media accounts. Since Silvervale never confirms or denies any picture, it has become a popular topic of conversation.

Her Income

The internet has been a rich source of content for the Silvervale face. As of 2016, his estimated monthly income is anywhere between $697 and $215K. This figure includes his Patreon and Twitch subscriptions. He also has a following of approximately 4851 people on Twitch. The number of subscribers has increased significantly over the past year, and he is enjoying the benefits of his affluent lifestyle.

The popular YouTuber prefers to remain anonymous in the real world, but he does work in collaboration with some Japanese and English Vtubers. The collaboration is known as “VAmongEarth.” This is one of the first international collaborations. Though Silvervale was originally an independent Vtuber, he is now a part of an American VTuber management company. In addition to his income, he has a growing fan base of over 600k on all of his social media accounts.

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