How to Hide the Emperors Child 1 How to Hide the Emperors Child 1

how to hide the emperors child 1 how to hide the emperors child 1

If you want to read How to Hide the Emperor’s Child, then you’ve come to the right place. This  manga  series is set in the distant future, when the MC’s mother dies in childbirth and her father kidnaps the emperor’s son. The father, Theor’s dad, tries to hide Theor from the emperor so he  doesn’t realize he’s their son.

how to hide the emperors child 1

MC’s father has a tendency to be overprotective. During his younger days, he would go hunting and end up coming back late to the ball and then refuse to dance. When he finally arrived at the ball, he was so late that he almost drowned. His father had to get him out of the ball as soon as possible, but he is still unable to stop him.

MC’s Mom Dies

After the MC’s mom dies, Theor has trouble conceiving, and the ML and MC’s brother start worrying about their baby. ML tells his grandson the story of Theor’s first pregnancy. As a result, Theor has red eyes, and the emperor becomes an overprotective father, chasing the MC’s cousins.

The story starts with the girl accidentally slipping into the emperor’s office. The emperor is hiding a plan in which the MC will be the fiance of the emperor or spend 25 years in prison for her crime. Luckily, the girl chooses the latter, and they develop a cute relationship. The plot gets complicated, but the characters are interesting and worth reading.

When FL is pregnant, the emperor wipes out all the corrupt nobles. She moves in with her relative, but is not wealthy, and hides the baby. Asteroid medicine makes her son’s eyes turn green. She hides the baby, fearing that the emperor will kill the child. This, of course, makes the emperor feel guilty.

MC’s Father Tries to Keep Emperor From Realizing Theor is Their Son

The emperor and ML become close to each other after Theor falls in love with ML. When ML realizes that MC loved him, he is guilty of not realizing his true feelings for him. The emperor is jealous of ML and the two of them begin a romantic relationship. Theor eventually decides to marry MC’s sister ML, but before he can do this, ML is poisoned.

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