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Glitterville Reviews

Glitterville Reviews : Having started its activities as a portal on 31st March 2003, Glitterville has been online for nearly 20 years. However, as of today, the domain registration for this site expires on 31st March 2026. Despite its long life, this website has received mixed reviews. However, we can see that 60% of its visitors rate the site as ‘trustworthy’.

Glitterville store expires on 31st March 2026

Founded on March 31, 2003, the Glitterville store is now over sixteen years old, so it is a pretty old company to be operating an online store. Despite its age, the store is still active, and they have received feedback from numerous websites. They have also provided information on data security, including the fact that all messages are encrypted using HTTPS. While they don’t provide a phone number, email address, or other personal information, they do explain that they may experience delays with shipments.

If you are planning to shop for your holiday decor, Glitterville may be the place for you. Their store is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and offers a wide selection of holiday and home decor. They also have a Facebook page and an Instagram account, which you can check out for updates on holiday soirees and special events.

Glitterville has a trust score of 60 percent, which makes it partially trustworthy. The shop was registered on March 31, 2003, and is run by Network Solutions, LLC. There have been mixed reviews on Glitterville, but you can trust their business because they use HTTPS protocol to protect data.

The Glitterville shop offers many features and benefits, including Shop Pay, which allows you to pay for your purchases in four equal installments. You can also use the Shop Pay option to spread the cost over time. You’ll just have to provide your email id and return address. You can also verify your account using social media.

Glitterville store data security

There are many concerns when it comes to the security of data from online stores. You have to keep your personal information secure, but you also have to make sure that the site is trustworthy. The Glitterville store data security is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping on the internet.

The Glitterville store uses a secure HTTPS protocol to keep your information secure. This encryption ensures that no one can intercept your information. The Glitterville store has an overall trust rating of 60 percent. It is registered by Network Solutions, LLC and has received many customer reviews. It doesn’t provide a phone number, but it does have an email address and a return address.

Glitterville is a store in Knoxville, Tennessee that has thousands of items for sale. The brand was started 17 years ago by Stephen Brown, a former costume designer. Its flagship store is located at 701 Worlds Fair Park. It was temporarily closed after the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since reopened. Customers will notice the colorful holiday decor and unique items in this store.

Glitterville store shipping policy

A Glitterville store shipping policy consists of a few different steps. Before placing an order, you must know what you’re getting into. Glitterville’s shipping policy is easy to follow and will ensure your package is received in good condition. However, you should be aware of the Glitterville shop’s minimum advertised price (MAP), which is 2.2 times the wholesale price of an item. If you’d like to sell the same item at a lower price, you must contact the Glitterville company.

The Glitterville store uses HTTPS protocol to protect customer information. It’s also fully encrypted, meaning no unauthorized third-party can access the information you enter on its site. In addition, Glitterville provides a return address and an email id, but there’s no phone number.

Link https://www.glitterville.com/
Age March 31, 2003
Trust Score 60%
Social Media Appreance Instagram, Facebook
Alexa Rank N/A
Customer Complaints N/A
Contact address Knoxville, TN 37917, 309 N. Central Street
Payment Shop Pay and pay in 4 installments
Category Home Decor
Return policy 15 days
Delivery time N/A
Contact Number Details N/A
Email Address [email protected]

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